Wintery Waters

Hello everybody – another week has flown by! Slow down year, for the love of god…. Anyway, today I present to you a very tiny look into the magical little Swiss town of Lucerne (click here for my previous post on this charming place). On one day of our 2 week bus-tour an adorable few hours were spent with my family troupe wandering here, the … Continue reading Wintery Waters

Terracotta Tones

I have a university assignment on the go at the moment, so in an attempt to put doing that off as long as possible….today, you join me on a trip to Florence – where the weather was fine, the buildings bright and the squares bustling. My troupe of travellers went and had a look at the Ponte Vecchio and wow, was it pretty! I loved … Continue reading Terracotta Tones

Sorcerer’s Stones?

Another travel picture from a sojourn in Oxford, England… In the late afternoon, on the way back from Blenheim Palace, a mysterious site had been recommended to my family travelling troupe, hence we took a detour to find it. The stone circle in a town near Chipping Norton, Little Rollright, was a little tricky to find but thankfully a serendipitously placed ice-cream shop meant we … Continue reading Sorcerer’s Stones?

Hidden Majesty

Hello! It’s been a while. A loooong while – as always, my excuse is “Life is sooooo busy! GAAAAAAWD!” Now, for today’s pictures – bask in the wonders of a famed landmark in Florence, the beauty of the Duomo or Florence Cathedral… These buildings are always immense, and yet somehow remain completely obscured from view until the last moment. They pop up out of seemingly … Continue reading Hidden Majesty

A little slice of Paradise

Sometimes in travel it is the little accidental experiences that provide an incredible memory – as it was with the absolutely wonderful night my fellow travellers and I spent in the little Tuscan province of Montecatini. While some of the other tour members went for a dinner at a pre-booked venue, my small crew decided to take the tour guide’s advice and catch the funicular … Continue reading A little slice of Paradise

Not Changing Yet…

Autumn is a wonderful time of year; nature takes a wonderful turn towards a fiery palette, changing in what seems like the blink of an eye. These few stubborn leaves in a Parisian park were not so keen to move ahead though… In nature, it is simply an ecological fluke when something such as this occurs – the cold hasn’t quite hit that spot yet … Continue reading Not Changing Yet…

Magical Moods

Many of England’s churches are for good reason world-renowned as exemplary architectural feats. My family and I visited on one of our days exploring the surrounding countryside of Oxford the following gem of a place: Salisbury Cathedral was a fantastic structure with a serene feeling to it that you cannot capture in an image – however the clean lines of the gorgeous covered cloister were … Continue reading Magical Moods

Berry Berry Berry

The thing I love most about trying to take photos of foliage and flowers is the challenge of capturing details without losing a sense of the overall structure of the plant. I took this while wandering the gardens of Blenheim PalaceĀ and was attempting to maintain a sense of the plant’s overall size while focusing on the berries. Have a good day everyone! I’m at work … Continue reading Berry Berry Berry