Trying New Things

I LIKE CRAFTING. I know, everyone gets so very excited by the prospect of rose shaped stickers, toxic-scented glues and (prepare yourselves) THOUSANDS OF RIBBONS! Don’t worry – it’s not that type of craft. I use tape, not glue.

But seriously, I have of late taken a liking to paper crafts and stencilling. If you’re interested, I have a Pinterest account where I post my various DIY thingies! Here’s one I made earlier…

Cosmic Gal
From an idea…….. reality! WOOT WOOT WOOT!
… reality! WOOT WOOT WOOT!

Turns out, I can make a t-shirt. All it takes is any old non-copyright (no cheeky art stealing) black and white image and you’ve practically got yourself a stencil ready to go. Being stuck in the dark ages technologically, I don’t have a clue how to work Photoshop (SHUSH, YOU. I’M TRYING TO LEARN) so I opted for copying my chosen picture into MS Word before mucking about with the colour settings. It took me about ten minutes to get a satisfactory monochrome image; after that it was just a matter of printing out, sticking it to some card and cutting the black bits out!

Seriously, try it. You can take your stencil and make it into whatever you want – a screen print, a shadow box, a card…you get the picture. CREATE SOME COOL STUFF!

If anyone likes this enough, I will post more of this sort of thing. So let me know, internet randoms!


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