Twenty Twenty

I took this one at Kings Park (Western Australia) not this year, but two years in the past. That’s right, in my version of reality, even time-travel is possible.

I took this photograph at King's Park because I had you, eyes. That's pretty neat!
I took this photograph because I had you, eyes. That’s pretty neat!

Literate for a Day

I am going to be cheesy – a prompt really got me thinking, so here’s my verbal diarrhea.

If I had the chance to speak to them, I would have to thank my eyes, for I get no greater and easier pleasure than when I look at the world around me and realise just how incredible, intricate and awesome (and I mean that in the biblical sense) everything in my life so far has been.
You may not offer me 20/20 vision, you may not stay at your prime forever, but I rather like the unique filter you give. I will follow you, even into the dark – just try to keep the dark part back a few years; I’ll wear my sunglasses every day for you, I promise!

EUGH. That’s enough of that.

I hope you guys like flowers, ‘cos BOY HOWDY, I just found another folder on my computer! ❤


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