A Leaf in the Breeze


I loved the light flare on this one...I also may have over-edited a teeny bit with the cross-process option on Picasa, but I like the effect.
BACKGROUND STORY TIME: I am studying Primary Teaching at University, and for an assignment for an Arts unit I had to make a “natural art” installation – while the actual construction I made consisted of nothing more than some strung together leaves tied to a coathanger, with a bit of photographic experimentation it turned out to look half decent – the photo above made me very happy with the result! I love autumn colours, and the effect of the sun coming through from behind the leaves was to me very appealing – I wish that autumn, with its cool weather and pretty but fleeting colours would stay a little longer. Anyway, as I haven’t posted much that is different in the way of nature photography lately, I thought this would be a welcome change…maybe I can linger over my photos and pretend it is autumn forever…

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