Nothing Lost After All!

The gorgeous gardens of Paris were absolutely beautiful..this statue and the brightest pink blooms at its base were perfection itself! In fact the whole trip defied my pre-travel nightmares that I had inevitably to lose something important; I did not unwittingly scatter my belongings amongst the blossoms!

Posted for the daily prompt: Nightmares

Naturally, before you travel, you suffer an unfounded amount of anxiety about possible worst-case occurences; getting on the plane and remembering you didn’t pack a single cohesive outfit, for example (when in Paris, one cannot afford to be shabbily dressed after all). On a more serious note, my anxiety caused me to suffer no less than three very similar nightmares that consisted of me somehow managing to drop my passport:

1) Down a well (because there are so many of those around these days),

2) Into a box of hot, oily gravy at work after proudly showing its newly-printed glory to co-workers, and finally,

3) Into….a toilet.

Thankfully (especially in the case of the last one) none of these abhorrent dreams came true and my trip went just as hoped – very marvellously indeed!

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