Lounging Lorikeets

I walked down to the Swan River the other morning and saw some of the prettiest early-morning views I’d yet seen; these rainbow lorikeets were all gathered up in the red flowers of the street-side trees!

Now, some business I must attend to…I promised photos on a more daily basis and then I didn’t follow through….I’M SORRY 😦

I have just kept going through my photos and being somewhat overwhelmed by the number I keep finding and was having trouble deciding which is most worthy of posting; I was putting pressure on myself to post the best quality photos and forgot that the reason I started sharing my photos was to share the experiences I’d had, whether the photo that showed it was 100% perfect or not! I have now decided to bite the bullet and do what I did in the beginning – if I think it is pretty, I will post it, so HUZZAH FOR GOING BACK TO BASICS! Thanks for being patient with me, have an awesome day πŸ˜€


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