A Creative Facade


It’s another Fremantle  Prison shot today!

The front gate of the Prison, which offered pleasing symmetry but a bleak outlook for anyone inside.
The front gate of Fremantle Prison, which offered pleasing symmetry, made for an interesting snapshot before my Dad and I wandered in with our tour group. The entry courtyard to the Prison was oddly pleasant, as if trying to tell those coming to visit “It’s actually not so bad here, don’t worry!” but the inside with the minuscule cells are a far cry from the somewhat welcoming look of this gate; hence my title for this post. The building’s neat facade is also a ‘facade’ in the sense it hides somewhat the reality of the building’s purpose. Pretty deep, right? I must be in a thoughtful mood today 😉

Remember everyone, you are welcome to post your own image of something that inspired you to think a little deeper this week – just post your link in the comments here and I’ll share it next week 😀

If not, have a fantastically awesome and fun week!


2 thoughts on “A Creative Facade

  1. Deep, indeed, for so much of our societies there is nothing but facades attempting to hide the realities behind them or to divert attention from those realities. Even something like hosting the Olympics can be used as a facade.

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    1. Wow, very thought provoking! It is sometimes extremely hard to pick when something is a genuine gesture of goodwill or driven by something else – I try to be as genuine as I can personally and hope that others might be doing the same -a girl can dream, right? 😉

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