A Queen’s Quaint Escape


Versailles is famous for a reason. IT IS BEAUTIFUL – and unexpectedly sweet, due to the fact that within the gardens lies a little portion in which Marie Antoinette built a quaint little faux-farm, which contains some of the most adorable buildings! I found them all so pretty that I can’t post just one photo of them at a time; I snapped the three following as we wandered in a daze through the absolute cuteness of it all.

versailles 1
Oh, if only I was allowed to have windowboxes at my flat. Maybe one day I can have a window as sweet as this! Also, the mini-anvil on the bottom left added to the appeal.
versailles 3
Can I just airlift this building to Australia for my own personal use? No? Darn.
versailles 2
Yellow window frames? YES PLEASE. The ramshackle appeal of this place captured my cheesy little heart – I would love to go back to see it all again ❤

If you’re as taken by Versailles as I was, here are some other perty images from this place of magic and wonder!


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