Berry Nice


Berry nice to meet you.jpg
In the backyard of my family home, there grows an enormous mulberry tree that sprouts immense numbers of mulberries every year – good for picking (and it turns out photographing), but not so great for one rather unfortunate reason. A fatal flaw in garden design places this tree directly next to the washing line; thankfully, a tarpaulin has been installed by my ingenious parents to prevent a stray berry from causing stain-related distress.

Hope your weekend was fab – mine was so fabulous I neglected my blog completely….again. WHOOPS. Hope the pun in the title of this post makes up for it! What’s that you say? No? I should stick to my day job? How rude.





3 thoughts on “Berry Nice

      1. Busy is an understatement! I’ve just arrived home tonight and whilst it’s great to be back, there’s so much to catch up on. Blogging is high on my list but unfortunately so is washing ten days worth of the family’s clothes!


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