Pinwheel Petals


At the Kings Park Wildflower Festival, fields of perfectly geometric pink everlastings blow about in the breeze, creating an image of wonderful, stereotypical beauty. This little flower caught my eye because it was just a bit more unique; the aesthetic underdog if you will. Its centre was a little uneven and its petals a more loose arrangement than the majority that surrounded it, turned around the centre slightly creating a subtle pinwheel effect. I liked it anyway, so in a nutshell…FLOWERS!

Don’t forget, if you have a photo you’ve posted in the past on your blog of some pretty flora, share a link in the comments and I’ll share it next week.

If not, just have a fantastic week everyone – so far I have chosen some snazzy new reading glasses, had delicious dinner with some wonderful friends, worked out how to use my brand new phone (with 16 megapixel camera – whoopee!) and completed plans for a re-decoration of my bedroom. Not bad – for once. 😉


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