Don’t Forget your Hobbies!


I have been on holidays these past few months and during that time have had every opportunity to do what I love….but kept making excuses for not doing anything at all! Hence today I said enough was enough, and picked up my trusty paint markers and did some designing – it really reminded me how much I adore just sitting down and drawing. I love the style of the 1950s, and was partially inspired by that style when I dreamt up these two posters. They aren’t perfect, but I did something – HUZZAH!

eye for style 1
I used a set of books called “Tiger Annuals” from the early 60’s to form my writing style – needs a bit of work, but kind of funky. I wish my hair could be styled in the way I drew hers, but alas, I haven’t the dedication for it!
final snack attack
This one was just a bit of silly fun, much less minimalist than the first – I love the old B-movie posters from the 50’s so used that style to produce this one. I also love the blue-green colour I used as the background, it took nearly an entire pen to colour it!

Have a creative and enjoyable week everyone πŸ˜€ It’ll be back to my regular photos tomorrow – just spicing things up a little!


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