N is for…Narwhal?

Posted in Response to the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Alphabet

A few years ago, I found these fantastic letter cards in a pop-up bookshop (meaning the seller was hiring a shop-space for a short time to sell excess stock). They feature words and images from old encyclopaedias and as a result have double the education value – vocabulary and lettering. My favourite is N, with an image of the bizarre Narwhal as one of its feature words…a word vital for every budding English learner to have in their vocabulary. As a teacher in training, I hope to use these in my classroom at some point to justify my owning them, but in the meantime they spruce up my work desk very nicely!


8 thoughts on “N is for…Narwhal?

  1. Loved this Helene. And BTW, my granddaughter has adopted the Narwhal as her very favorite animal. How in heavens name she came up with that I cannot imagine (she’s 9). Anyway, beautiful choice, I love the cards!

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    1. The Narwhal is so bizarre, I think it makes perfect sense your granddaughter has deemed it her favourite animal – I would have too if the Manatee didn’t hold the place already haha 🙂 Thanks so much!


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