Aged to Perfection

Posted for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Nothing like a bit of ocean air to cause every metal surface in the vicinity to rust! This bright blue shed in Fremantle (aka my favourite Western Australian spot for more urban style photos) had been exposed to the salty sea air to glorious effect – the sky blue paint made such a wonderful contrast to the yellow and orange of the rust I had to get up close and take a snapshot!

blue wall 1
I liked the blocked colours and funny details on the corrugated iron, but the real joy was in the detail of the growing rust patches…..
blue wall 2
…..such a cool, abstract-y look with so many variations in tone! Fremantle, I love your ramshackle style.

As a side note, I took these on my phone which, after three years of determined resistance to change, I recently upgraded. IT IS INCREDIBLE. The 16 megapixel camera on it has become an invaluable tool and despite having had it only a few weeks I am already accustomed to using it, perhaps even more than my old Fujifilm camera! I HAVE BECOME A SNAP-HAPPY, MOBILE PHONE WIELDING YOUTH! Oh well, if you can’t beat ’em….


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