The Art of Architecture

vaux le vicomte 5
I have posted a few images of this place before, some very similar to this one – but each new image I review of Vaux le Vicomte I am transported to architectural heaven. It had not the golden glories of Fontainbleau, which my parents and I visited on the same day as this as part of a tour, but I liked it far more! Fontainbleau was of course awe-inspiring too, but it felt as if it was built by someone thinking “Now THIS will impress any visitors! Enough furrniture you say? NONSENSE!”; Vaux le Vicomte felt like a home built by someone who wanted to reside somewhere they thought was beautiful, and consequently had a wonderful feeling of harmony between all the decorations of the rooms. Despite its size and obviously noble past, it felt comfortable and welcoming.

If you like this place, clickaroo right here for a few other shots of it! I recommend giving it a visit if you go to Paris for a holiday 😀


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