A Recipe for Romance


If you are so lucky as I have been and get to travel to Paris for a time, DO SOME WALKING! I don’t mean a short stroll to the corner store, I mean a planned route based around the well-trod tourist destinations. My Dad, having been a supervising teacher on a school trip to Paris (lucky duck!) had a walking route of Montmartre with which, after almost not taking Β it on, we filled the good part of a day. IT WAS A FANTASTIC DECISION!! We walked up and through common tourist spots and on the way to these well-travelled areas were able to view some of the most quaint and intriguing spots without the bustle of busy tourists!

If there’s something Paris deserves it’s reputation for, it is undoubtedly romance. The cutesy set-up of this restaurant my parents and I passed in Montmartre is a perfect example of the loveliness you can see around every corner! I loved the white shutters of the windows, the amazingly cute font they used for the restaurant name on the building and most of all the completely amazing sign on the bottom right – so bright and sweet!

Aaaand just because I loved it so much, a black and white interpretation!

I wanted to eat there, but sadly it was closed and we had to keep on treckin’ to finish our adventure!

Been somewhere cool, pretty, interesting or all three combined and want to share a glimpse of it? Then feel free to share a link to your photos in the comments and I’ll link to your post next week on Travel Tuesday πŸ˜€


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