Home Holds My Memories

For anyone who is a regular follower of my blog, I have had a significant break from blogging, the blame for which I place on university starting again – this month marks my return to more regular posting because I’ve signed up for “Photography 101” – a blog workshop run by the Daily Post! HOORAY! I know, I know; you’re excited too…..right? So without further ado:

The first theme for this week isΒ HOME…..

I took this picture of the front garden of my family home years ago but at the time did not have a blog…and since this time many things have changed about the garden! My generous and practical parents sacrificed this gorgeous wisteria to make way for paving to park family vehicles on; I found this photo today and while I am usually a technicolour girl I felt in this instance a bit of editing added to that nostalgic feel. I sat here in my little flat remembering just how magical I always felt walking to the door through this canopy of white!
My Dad even made the house number – my family home is full of my parent’s character and things, and no matter where I move to in the future my childhood experiences in this house will always epitomise what a true “home” should be.


One day down, and there’s already been enough cheese in just this post to feed a family of mice πŸ˜€ Have a fab day!


5 thoughts on “Home Holds My Memories

      1. Yes. Not to mention that I loved reading children’s books (The Secret Garden and the Wizard of Ox) which has magical-garden-kind-of-themes. πŸ™‚


  1. I hope I can continue to deliver aesthetic goodness haha πŸ˜› Stories always make an image a bit more interesting I think – a little insight into why the image holds importance! Thanks for following too πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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