Colour on the Concrete

Now this photo isn’t of sentimental value like the ones I posted yesterday, but I thought a bit of colour needed to show its face after the monochrome pics I already posted! So, here is a purely aesthetic offering for those who love a good bit of bold pattern…


STREET 1.jpg
On my last trip into Perth City, I took the effort to attempt more wide-angle shots, as I am prone to getting caught up in details and forgetting to capture a bigger picture! This side-street had such a funky mural on the wall I had to snap it – the painted retro sewing patterns and the very urban road signs were right up my alley (yes, that was an intentional pun).

In taking these photos, I learned one very important thing – to watch my lead-lines! The sky was a lovely blue, so I took a few of the same street with more of the sky, but it completely compromised the focus that the kerb lines and pavement created which leads the eye down the street. I will certainly keep this in mind in my future urban photography sessions!

Here’s to a very technicolour week 😀



8 thoughts on “Colour on the Concrete

  1. Hi, Helene. I was thinking about the images that don’t make it into the post — the ones you wrote about, those showing more of the sky; I was thinking about how you wrote thatd the preponderance of blue, lovely as it may have been, ruined the lead lines and somehow made the photo less inviting and open.

    I appreciate you sharing this insight. As a novice to photography myself, I need all the help I can get. Secondly, and moreover, I think you make a very strong case here for less being more. The blue sky may be more vibrant and complementary to the painted walls because of its minimal presence in the high center of the shot. It shows just enough to make a strong impact. If it were any.more visiblez, as you say, it would overwhlem the composition.

    Thanks for this powerful, useful lesson on perspective and composition!

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    1. Wow, glad it was helpful! I’m just a novice too really, but being a simple point-and-shoot photography addict has taught me so much! When I just started I took my camera with me almost everywhere and tried everything out, from just playing with my camera functions to different composition- it’s fun and educational!

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