Morning All! Today I’m taking a trip down memory lane and posting a photo I took on a trip around outback Australia with a school science group. I had  my old, pixely Kodak Easyshare to snap the view, so never knew what my photos would turn out like; the lighting always messed about with the colour saturation but that was part of the fun. Now, onto the point – Australia is known for its mining culture, but the below images captured what was beyond anything I’d ever seen….


BIG 1.jpg
It is called “The Super Pit”, and for good reason. This huge site is located just outside Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and was at the time I was there (2009) the largest mining pit in Australia. As a reference point, you can see trucks down the bottom of the pit, and also at the top driving down the slanted road to the bottom. These trucks are hardly small-fry either, the below picture shows you how big their tyres are….
BIG 2.jpg
…Those are my teenage companions climbing all over them. The trucks look puny in the pit, when in reality they are also huge! Finally, here are two others of the pit from a different angle, one portrait and the other landscape illustrating the difference angle can make….


I suppose my photographic musing (if I am capable of any such thing) is this: when attempting to give an idea of scale, don’t just look at angles, try to put something in your photo that gives the viewer a reference point for size. My main image has the teeny trucks to provide a cue, indicating that “DAAAAAANG MAN THAT HOLE IS MASSIVE!”, and my second image has my student companions to compare the tyres to. The other two have the downward slope to draw your eye right down the hole….hello vertigo ;P





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