I’ve had a few cooler palettes featuring in my last few posts, so to fit with the theme, here is something far more bright from the King’s Park Wildflower Festival in Perth, Western Australia. Also, it is a Thursday, but because this is a flowery post, it will serve nicely to fulfil my WILDFLOWER WEDNESDAY offering for the week – a day late, but better late than never!


warmth 2
The uniquely Australian wildflower, known as the Kangaroo Paw, has a particularly odd bloom that lends itself well to interesting photos! In the late afternoon sun these pink ones glowed, the bright light causing the little hairs on the flowers to illuminate in a most spectacular fashion. Because it looked so luminous, I moved around and tried another angle, allowing the light to really spill into my lens….
warmth 1
….I got down in a crouch and pointed my camera so it angled slightly to the left of the direct sunlight (basically, angled across the main light source) which caused the flare at the top – crouching down lower meant the flowers shielded some of the light, creating a cool contrast in exposure.

I couldn’t say if what I did in these images is good for my Fujifilm point-and-shoot or not, just trying out whatever I can seems to be the best way for me to learn different techniques that work. However, there is one thing that I was once told and have found very true is that there are two intervals of the day that are best for that magical, beaming light: between 6-9am in the morning and then in the afternoon from 4-6pm – you’re guaranteed to get photos with excellent exposure and a naturally interesting shadow cast!

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