The Slick 60s



The buildings in Fremantle, Western Australia, are so different to one another that just walking down a few streets will provide an aesthetic adventure from the 1890s to more modern constructions – I particularly love the building pictured above for its perfect 60’s vibe – minimalist but striking! The shadows the letters cast on the white building give a cool dimension, making it a good candidate for transition to black and white.

architecture  5.jpg
Here’s the original colour just because – both cool, but the top one gives that real slick look!

I post a lot of cityscape images, so if you’re into a good bit of architectural viewing, clickedy click here to see some other funky places. 😀

I find that when choosing photos to try in black and white, I look at the shadows more than anything else. If you have a really interesting lighting situation going on, it will often transition well to black and white as the monochrome emphasises that difference in light and shade – at least that’s what I’ve found!


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