PHOTOGRAPHY 101 DAY 13 – MOMENT (and movement)…..

also TRAVEL TUESDAY, a day late!

moment 2.jpg
Versailles Gardens were certainly a highlight of my French trip with my parents – as we rounded a corner in the middle of a maze of smaller fountains, we came upon this magnificent construction. It was so loud we had to shout over the top of it and to add to the quirkiness, each stepped level was made not of stone, but stacked seashells.  The movement of the water over the rocks was so mesmerising I did my best to capture it. 


moment 1
My camera has a habit of reacting very differently to even slight changes in light – the clouds passed over and this second, wider shot faded out, making the water look more foamy and giving a much softer contrast. I liked  both, so you get to see both!

I don’t often take images with moving subjects as my camera has not the shutter adjustability to guarantee the effect I want – however I must say that when I have attempted to do so, I try to have a static background or object to emphasise the fact that the item that is moving is…well, moving! In these photos, the golden pillar was a perfect assistant in that regard!


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