When life gives you lemons….


bird 2.jpg
It has been pouring the last few days in Perth, but on the upside, it drove the birds to shelter in the tree outside my kitchen window – just your garden variety pigeons, but cute all the same!

The rain also allowed me to test the focus ability of my new lenses as I zoomed in and attempted to get just the right raindrops or seed-pods in focus on the same tree….by Jove, ’twas a roaring success!


For any followers who have waited for my posts, you’ll know I’ve been away from this particular corner of cyberspace for a while. I have my regular excuse that life is busy, and another that I lost my motivation to post for a while. Don’t know why or what caused it, but I went into an artistic funk and didn’t do anything hobby-related for a good few months. Now, a few rainy days and the resulting necessary indoor time have driven me back to my old ways! I’ve suddenly created posters, practiced my typography skills and cracked out the camera 😀 So, as the title of the post indicates, I have made some very satisfying lemonade the last few days 😉



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