Softer Side

FLOWERS 22.jpg
I just the loved the colours here so much that I had to capture the garden bed right away;  the overall effect of fuzz in the foreground as well as the background worked quite well in the end! 

I have been trying so many things with my new camera (a Canon 1200D) and finding that I can in fact use the manual focus switch on my lenses to (mostly) excellent effect…or at least, I successfully achieve the effects I am looking to create. I am but a humble hobby photographer, therefore know the bare minimum about the technicalities of correct camera use, however my one piece of advice if you have like me just moved up in the camera-world and have the option to manually adjust some things……DON’T BE SCARED! JUST DO IT! YOU KNOW YOU CAN! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! MAKE YOUR PRETTY PICTURE DREAMS REALITY!

You get the idea – so go and muck about with stuff! Have a fantastic week 😀


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