Pollen Party

First a photo, then, some hilarity from my day today…..

Another shot from the glorious Kings Park wildflower festival; the bees were out in force so I got the chance to take more photos of them than ever before!

Now, this is entirely unrelated to flowers, but I have to share; I had a hilarious experience on this most dreaded day of the week. I donate blood at the Red Cross, and for those who do so you will know that following your donation you sit outside in a calm little space and recharge with a drink of water and some yummy snacks. Today, I sat watching the world go by next to the window of the centre. A pair of older women had just poured themselves some delicious juice and a young man read a book in the corner with a glass of water in his other hand. A peaceful scene, you think?

Not for long! The automatic window blind fell from above, blanketing me, and the crash of the housing falling to the floor caused the old lady holding juice to fling her beverage into the air with a shout and the young man to spit water all over himself and his book. Staff ran to my rescue as I struggled to escape my fabric prison, the young man ran to the toilets to dry his sodden trousers and the old ladies attempted to clean the juice that had spread a record-worthy distance on the floor. I was laughing hysterically by the time I was freed from the curtain, which reassured the nervous bystanders that I was not concussed, and the place went back to normal – minus one window blind.

Hope your week got off to as interesting a start as mine šŸ˜€


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