Off And Away….


I took this photo in the Luxembourg Gardens, which is a must for a wander around if you go to Paris. It feels so welcoming and light, with families strolling through and generally enjoying being out in a gorgeous space. It might be less full of people when my Father, Mother and youngest brother are there this time around, due to the more bleak time of year, but having nothing that comes close to it in our Western Australian home renders it impossible not to feel lucky simply to be there.

I have been snowed under preparing for my travels – two days until I begin around Europe with wonderful family members, leaving my other beloved family members to care for a little old flat and my very promising bamboo shoot (it has FOUR LEAVES now – pretty impressive stuff right?). I had the horrifying realisation yesterday that I will come back to my flat and no doubt find that despite my efforts to dust and polish everything I own before I leave, a new film of detritus will no doubt settle before I get back, rendering my hard-work useless. Three months is a long time after all! I shall just have to mourn the inevitable dust-settling as I gad about from site to site admiring castles and other such everyday sights. SIGH…..I’M JOKING OF COURSE!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!! As I have said in previous posts, I will be posting as often as I can while away, but am not sure when the internet will be available…we’ll see; with my new camera in hand though I’m really looking forward to my future photo opportunities. Whoop-de-doo!

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