Finding My Feet…

A short recount from day one of my travel posts which from this point shall be named:



My Dad, Mum, Brother and I are in England and have already seen more wonderful sights than I can possibly post all in one go. Yesterday we landed, picked up a hire car and on our way to Oxford stopped off in Windsor. It was so incredibly adorable.  We ate MacDonalds in front of a castle and laughed at how ridiculous our burgers seemed in such a magnificent place. The following photos show such a small glimpse of the things we saw – right now I am a little overwhelmed by just how charming every sight we come upon is and I know I will have a hard time deciding what to post as we travel – gosh, my life is hard sometimes 😉

One of many views of Windsor Castle – a joy from every angle, but I particularly liked the view from this direction. Every bit the sturdy English fort…with just a bit of that fairytale magic.
This covered market was crowded, but was such a cool spot that really wasn’t surprising! Through this arch were some really sweet shops and at the end of it a train station that looked like a set-piece in a film, but was in fact the genuine article; original and awesome.
We walked over  a bridge to the other side of Windsor Castle, which again was a wonderful sight. Families wandered up and down the streets and admired the views as we did.

I have umpteen more images that show so much more and will certainly continue to post them all! I’m loving it so far, and would say if you are hiring a car at all around London area, make the day trip to Windsor – it is such a bizarre thing for me to be surrounded by remnants of years far in the past and just accept that as the way a town is meant to be!

I hope to post images of my abode and the wonders of Blenheim Palace tomorrow  – watch this space:D


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