Perfect Palace

It has been a crazy few days, with my primary concern on returning home being stumbling to bed without falling over! But now I have recovered from my jetlag somewhat and can show to you a wonder of England’s many sights….


The palace itself is beautiful, and the surrounding gardens were beyond lovely. It was a trifle costly to get in, but well worth the cost – but a tip for any wishing to go in future…skip the top level of the palace. A painfully boring hologram show awaits you there; so learn from my party’s mistake and hightail it straight to the right on the bottom floor of the home! Here’s the frontage of the palace….

The people in the yard should give some indication of how huge the structure is – as to the surrounding gardens….

The lush green made for excellent photos and strategically landscaped spaces added to each vista. The inside of the palace was spectacular – golden and ornate as expected….

Then finally, some extra details for those of you still reading along; the statues and interesting additions to the rooftops made for an entirely unique facade!


There you have it – a mega post to make up for my irregular schedule ๐Ÿ™‚ There was a whole other portion of the garden that contained a large hedge maze, a butterfly house and a small museum that was fun too – but a bit much to fit in one post! On my return, more will be posted I promise, but in the meantime it is off on another adventure ๐Ÿ˜€

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