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Another mega-post today, due to the fact my family will be on a bus tour for the next week or so, making posting every day impossible! Unlike the luxury of our current abode, not everywhere has wifi (SIGH. Life is so hard!). Speaking of our current lodgings, this post shows some of the wonders of Christchurch College grounds, from our rooms to the chapels,  cloisters and courtyards within. I have included some galleries of images, so feel free to click and view things a little closer. Without further ado….

Christchurch College in Oxford has proved to be a wonderful place to stay – every moment a new vista! The light changes throughout the day, having a wonderful effect on the feeling of the grounds. 
The row of windows on the middle left are where my brother and I are staying – we occupy a full five windows across, which exceeded all our expectations and I mean, look at the place! We are very happy campers.

Now, for the wonderful architectural features of the grounds: first up, what many people know as… THE GREAT HALL FROM HARRY POTTER! Or at least, the stairs leading to it where the young people were told to get ready to be sorted into houses. For the more history-conscious among us, this 16th century space is used as the dining hall for residents of the college – we eat breakfast here every day, which is as expected an absolute fairytale experience.

Then, the Chapel. We went in here for a wander and of course it was just as spectacular – the roof being my favourite part. We then went straight into the shop adjoining this space, which was also really light and airy with high ceilings, intricately painted in a style I particularly love!

Then finally the covered cloister outside the chapel – this was a very mysterious little space – it had a really magical atmosphere which I attempted to capture in photographs! The lighting was perfect for that slightly ethereal look.

Well, I wish I could say that was it for the grounds, but there are once again so many sights that a kind and thoroughly knowledgeable friend of my Dad showed to us in days following that I have to end it here for the time being. I hope you enjoyed reading through and viewing some of the marvels I have been privileged enough to see – here’s to a continuing good time! I sincerely hope for those reading that all your weeks will likewise be filled with good times 😀


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