Old meets New

Today’s view is a less ornate and stunning one, but sometimes a bit of simple charm is all you need….

The wonderful thing about Oxford for me has been that the architecture is so well integrated – more modern sits next to sixteenth century as if it was just meant to be there.

Tomorrow it is off to London for a whirlwind tour of Greenwich, which I am thoroughly looking forward to! It is also my youngest brother’s birthday, which we will celebrate all the more being in a lovely place with him for it 😀


4 thoughts on “Old meets New

    1. There are actually lots of different opportunities to stay in student accommodation while there – Christchurch College was really reasonable considering we got an absolutely delicious breakfast every day in the beautiful grand dining room!

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    2. You should!! Christchutch College has times when students are not on campus so people like us can take the rooms…and have a breakfast in the grand dining hall every day! Coffee served at the table, delicious hot food – it is BRILLIANT ☺

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