Roman Roots

It has been a few days again between available wifi – but oh, what a time has been had. I’ve travelled through Luxembourg, Austria and Italy to some stunning and very different places – there is so much to see and I know in the future I want very much to return for proper explorations! For today though, we shall travel back approximately a week in my journey; well, give or take…..

Bath – the city built around a hot-spring that has been in use since Roman times – was well worth the time it took to drive there from Oxford. The ancient baths are in incredible condition  and the views from the top terrace of the bath, pictured here, were stunning. I loved the look of the statues  against Bath Abbey 😀

We did drink some of the Bath waters, but it was a little sulphurous…and a little warm. To put it bluntly: EEEEW, YUCK! But as they say, when in Rome, drink bath water….no, actually I think that’s wrong…..well, everyone has to do a cheesy tourist thing sometimes! Here are another two from this top level of the baths because the weather was amazing:

A noble Roman watching over the baths – serving as lifeguard perhaps?
Like I said, the weather was simply brilliant. Perfect for photos and a meandering wander around the city!

Tomorrow and the following day I have scheduled more Bath photos so you can see the green bath water and some of the other pretty views the location had to offer 😀 Keep having a good time, all – I’ll just try not to get pick-pocketed in Italy 😉


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