Emerald Pool

Hello all! Another post from Bath today (if you need a bit of background, my previous post is here) the amazing Roman pools were too intriguing not to photograph. The water, coming from an underground spring, is full of minerals and other odd things which causes the water to take on this stunning hue. You’ll see what I mean……

In the sun it was a spectacular sight – a deep green pool in the aged stone bath was certainly striking.
Another angle, because I couldn’t help snapping umpteen pictures – I was fascinated! Finally, a portrait view, which gives an idea of how tall the buildings around these pools actually are….


So, there you have it. If you are in England down Oxford way, believe the umpteen locals saying “Oh, Bath this – Bath that; heard about Bath?” – there is a good reason for the interest, so don’t balk at entry fees or driving distance. Any lover of history or simply a beautiful view should make the time to go 😀


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