From a Fairytale

mont saint michel 1.jpg
Mont Saint Michel, in Normandy was somewhere I had heard much about from my father’s travels, but until I got to go a few short weeks ago, I had no concept of how extraordinary it really is. This place was just beyond all imagining. The island stands tall above the tide which comes up and down throughout the day; it was everything fairytales are made of.

The next few days I will post images from this magical place, along with some history, because it was just a dream to be there. The image above is completely unedited; the day was absolutely perfect for photos and my family and I had an absolutely wonderful time wandering the many layers of the cathedral.

mont saint michel 2.jpg
I mean, just look at it – I took this one as our time came to an end; the clouds had come in a little but the magic was still clear!

For those interested, I have been posting images on my instagram – if you like, you can follow me there for some pretty asides 😀


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