Sky in the Sea

Day two of posting images from the magical Mont Saint Michel (click the name for yesterday’s post) with today’s image a display of what I think are the most appealing blues I have ever had the honour to photograph…..

mont saint michel 7.jpg
JUST LOOK AT THE WATER. OH. MY. LAWD. It was an absolute dream – the colours were so vivid that this photo took no editing whatsoever. 

Then, the next photo showcases just how staggeringly high the top of the mountain is; the people on the right are a good indicator! It was just layer upon layer of utterly adorable structures….

mont saint michel 5.jpg
This one is not so compositionally perfect as the first image, but again the light is unbelievable. The water reflected every cloud in the sky.

Again, if you like to see more pretty things, my instagram is right here; follow along on my current adventures as they happen  – just like reality TV….or hopefully, less cringeworthy ;D



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