Carved in Stone

Welcome to day three of me posting about Mont Saint Michel – this will be the final post about it for a time; I still have umpteen beauties to show, but in an effort to keep things interesting here I will break the rest up! So without further ado, here’s a view of the cloister at the very top….

Photos give but a poor impression of the actual size of everything, but I had to compromise in order to fit the spectacular stone-work of the chapel! 

Next, more as a matter of interest than a show of photographic excellence, some of the inside layers of the chapel. Just click to view them a little larger – these were all taken on different levels! Suffice to say, the chapel is IMMENSE.

And finally, a photo purely for the romantic at heart….

chapelle-4I fiddled around with the settings on my camera and angled it rather differently to normal and got this shot of Mont Saint Michel over the hill in the carparks 😀 I was rather proud of this happy photographic event!

Until tomorrow, everyone – hope you’re all keeping well!



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