Decorative Ideals

Today, we move away from France and back to England – this time not Oxford, but Greenwich just outside London. This place held many wonders, but  I want to start with my favourite spot of the day. This was Greenwich Cathedral – check the photo and you’ll guess why….

greenwich church.jpg
From the outside, Greenwich Cathedral may not have looked like much, but BOY OH BOY was the inside incredible. This is a super close up I took of the roof above me at one point; it was like a wedding cake!

It wasn’t just a small portion of the space that was decorated this way either, it was EVERY…….

greenwich church 8.jpg



…..OF THE ROOF. And just for good measure, here’s a gallery of the rest I took because I loved it so much! Click the pics for a close up 😀

Tomorrow I’ll keep to the theme and post more from the great day I had in and around London with my family – once again, hope everyone’s days are going well!


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