A Misty Ocean

I know I said yesterday I was going to post some more pictures from London, but I was going through my photos from Switzerland and……

mountain 3.jpg
Look at that view. I went up a mountain! The Stanserhorn was quite simply the most unbelievable thing I have done in my life.

Being from the flattest state in Australia (good old Western Australia!) to see true, immense mountains was incredible enough – to be able to stand atop one and see nothing but the sky and surrounding peaks was breathtaking.

And a portrait shot, because I loved it. The wispy clouds, the incredible blue – I am not ashamed to admit I nearly cried it was so wonderful.

It got incredibly cloudy after this break in the mist and the effect was so bizarre; we could barely see even a few feet in front of us. Again, in my end of Australia there is rarely ever a mist like this and it gave the whole experience a sense of magical mystery!

mountain 4.jpg
OOOOOOH SPOOKYYYYYYY…..There are more photos like this that I will share another day; it it an effect I have never experienced before so found it fascinating!

Have another fabulous day everyone 😀


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