Wonderful Warwick

Another day, another post…my promises of London are still on hold as I found yet more magic elsewhere in my backtracking through photos! I have returned to England though, so that’s something close right? A fairytale view today from Warwick Castle………

Look on the hill. Just look at its cute crenellations and and towers! Also, how green is it?

The brightness of the colour was wonderful; England truly was the lushest place, landscape wise, that I have seen in my life. Certainly a far cry from the bush I know at home :0

A second close-up because why the heck not! I adored the layered trees and the different shades of green mixed together.

Alright, enough gushing about trees; anyone who lives in Europe that stumbles onto my blog probably reads these posts and says “Um, yeah – we have trees, duh. It’s not that great…”, but to me it’s all new, and like a little kid at a fair I am overjoyed by it all, simple though it may seem. See you all tomorrow; have a very pleasant day, or night depending on where you hail from 😀


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