London’s Landmarks – Part 2

You can see part one of this post if you clickedy click right here, or simply read on!

There were a few places my three trusted travelling companions and I went on our trip around Europe that contained a “must-see” landmark that simply wasn’t the best thing there. The Manneken-Pis in Brussels was nothing when compared to the wonderful architecture and atmosphere just a few streets away. However London had no such problems….

big ben 5.jpg
A cruise to Greenwich was a fabulous way to see as much of London as our short time would allow – I took this one of Parliament house and Big Ben from the boat to give an idea of how huge the structures are! 

Once again, the weather was absolutely fantastic – we had an incredible run of sunshine…

big ben 4.jpg
Everyone takes their selfies right here where I was standing to snap this, alas I had no selfie stick ;D The sun made the golden details light up wonderfully! 

Ah, Big Ben. I love clocks, I love imposing architecture ad of course a bit of gold does no harm. So finally, two more of this worthy famous landmark from a slightly different angle for a sense of scale when you stand right in front of it and to showcase some extra detail (just click the images to enlarge):


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