Seaside Haven

After the quickfire views of a two-week bus tour, my three companions and I required some rest time; which we found in a place called Saint Malo – a fortress town in France that is so well preserved walking the streets feels as if you have walked back in time . Surrounded by ocean, the tide flows in and out regularly, allowing residents to walk on the sea floor….

Look at the place. This was taken on the beach that is revealed when the tide recedes allowing us to walk right up to….
….this awesome fortress! At high tide, the water reaches up to the top of the rocks, leaving only the fortress sticking up. 

This final one was from after I walked among the rocks at the base of this fort…

st malo 5.jpg
I loved the contrast of the natural forms with the clean and intentional lines of the fort – such a clever architect to build on the rocky islands so splendidly.

The weather on a few of the days we were here was stunning and made these views even more striking. Saint Malo was a pirate-y adventure, with mysterious coves, watchtowers and boats galore to discover; if you ever get down to this side of ol’ Brittany, do yourself a favour and book a day here – or even two!


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