Only A Moment

The greatest advantage of the two-week bus drive that made up part of the five week European sightseeing journey my parents and brother enjoyed was that even between cities we had spectacular views. We weren’t obliged to watch the road and so could drink in every wonderful thing on the roadside. The following  three images are little snapshots I caught as we flew by the Italian mountains on the bus.

roadside italy 3.jpg
A milder climate meant the snow was not so thick as in Switzerland, but the sun made it light up in a most amazing way.
The mountains sat in layers like this almost all of the way between Pisa and Assisi, with colourful clusters of buildings sitting on the ridges. 

Just look at this last one – so colourful….

These were the Italian views I had been waiting for – so vibrant and so distinctly different to the colours and design if Switzerland’s mountain-bound homes!

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