A Fine Time Climbing

When in Europe, there are many tall, lofty churches and other such structures with huge towers, oftentimes still structurally sound enough to climb (for a small fee, of course). With my companions, we climbed many a  tower and as a result, viewed many a spectacular perspective. This one in the University Cathedral in Oxford certainly delivered a very wonderful vista….

A warning for the claustrophobic: dark and tiny staircases are often the only way to get up these towers. After the above pictured part an even smaller spiral staircase awaited us! However, when at the top you will see that it is all worth it.
Look at the view! This is only from one direction too – this cathedral tower allowed us to walk 360 degrees, providing a view into some of the colleges!
A close up on those buildings because I loved the pretty colours. Bonus points for the stereotypical English double-decker bus!

I’ll definitely post some images of the other directions of view from this same tower tomorrow; I just thought I’d keep it colourful today before posting all the more sedate beauty of the Oxford Camera and colleges you could see from this same spot!


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