Looking Down

Today, it is a return to the location of yesterday’s post – right back to the top of the tower of Oxford University Cathedral, where my brother and Dad stood and looked out across the amazing structures of the city, first and foremost, the below pictured gem!

tower climb 5.jpg
The Radcliffe Camera! For a show of how  big this domed building is, check out the guy walking towards it. This was possibly the best place to view this structure, so if you’re game to climb an only somewhat treacherous staircase…. 

Then, if you turn both right and left from the same viewpoint as the top image, you can see into the famous colleges of Oxford; click on either photo to see a much larger image.

In the end though, even without these famous things in the way, the outlook in any direction was gorgeous. The tower was accessible 360 degrees around so you will enjoy every moment you spend up there.

This one was my favourite for the usual reasons….PRETTY COLOURS!

Remember, I’m posting a few bits and pieces as I currently travel on my instagram so if you’re interested check that out – otherwise, have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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