Smooth Sailing

After staying in the lovely Oxford in England, the next leg of travel with my family required that we go to Dover and take a ferry across to Calais. The white cliffs were astounding, here’s a small taste of the beauty:

white cliffs 1.jpg
I took this one before we even left port – it got way more picturesque; the whole vista appeared as we sailed out.

However the part of the ferry-ride that captured my heart was this piratical dream of a boat that sailed past as we ate our lunch on the ferry…

ship 2.jpg
Avast! Look at the seagull just passing through too – it was too amazingly perfect!

Here are two more just because I think I must be a sailor at heart:

Tomorrow I will do a full post on Dover’s famous white cliffs as they were particularly striking on so sunny a day as we experienced – for now, dream of pirate adventures; mind you, just the fun pirate stuff, none of the grisly bits 😉


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