Shine on, Seine

Ok, Ok. I know I said yesterday I would post the white cliffs of Dover, but here’s the thing….I revisited this picture I took a few nights ago and have to share it right now, not because it is the most perfect photograph ever taken, but because it is everything I love about being in Paris…

paris at night 2.jpg
The soft light on the water, the fading blue of the sky and the same-same-but-different buildings along the river. Just utterly, utterly beautiful.

It is these moments that explain the emergence of impressionism in Europe -illustration focusing on light and indistinct shape, using the minimum detail to maximise impact and create a moving piece of art. I have to ask you, Paris: please stop it; I have to go home one of these days and I don’t want to be sighing over pretty views far away. I’ll just have to settle for summer in Perth…blue skies, sandy beaches…actually, it won’t be bad at all…dang, I’m just a bit lucky. And now I’m being all mushy – gross! Perhaps you should just look at my pictures and ignore my rambling 😀


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