Below the Peaks

Having showed a few bright and colourful places in the last few days, I’m going to stick with the theme and return to Innsbruck, Austria and share a few colourful streets we walked along.

The wonderful coloured buildings surrounded by the mountains made the drive towards and wander through Innsbruck hands-down my most jaw-dropping experience. Mountains are awesome.
The fact people were still only just getting out to have dinner at nearly eight o’clock on a week day was such a pleasant thing – it certainly made our visit come alive!
a little blurry, but this was the only one I snapped of this street and I loved the view of the mountains from here, so enjoy the colours and ignore the blur!

Tomorrow I’ll share a view of the mountains from our hotel, which was absolutely incredible. All we had to do was climb up to the dining area and boom, a full vista of the mountains for us! Until then, bon chance, have a good one, enjoy your day…however you say it in your part of the world πŸ˜€


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