Cobbles and Colours

One of the best day-trips my three travelling companions and I made while in St. Malo in Brittany was to the little town of Dinan. The bus from our place took us straight to the centre of this little town and oh, how unbelievably charming it was.

houses 1.jpg
This is just a tiny snapshot of the streets upon streets of cuteness we walked through. It was so well preserved and quaint it certainly produced that time-warp feeling I love.

Some odd things happened to a few of my pictures in the light of the sun; I hadn’t calibrated my camera quite right to prepare for it – but somehow I liked the effect in the next one. A sort of greenish hue that brought out the moss on the ground and those sweet painted doors!

I love a good shutter and Dinan delivered so many I really did almost cry with joy.

On a side note, we ate the most delicious crepes of our trip down by the river here, so tomorrow that will be my post. River views are coming your way people!


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