Double the Fun

France is known for its beautiful countryside and I have had the most wonderful time this past month travelling around this countryside while staying in St Malo with my family. A little town in this area called Dinan was one of our destinations, and in the end a day very well spent! Yesterday I posted the first little view from our walk amongst the village buildings, so today it is a view from beside the river.

river 3.jpg
The weather was sunny and completely still – the water reflected the riverside buildings like a mirror and we were absolutely charmed.

We ate our lunch at a creperie that seemed extremely quiet, which was a crime because the food there was simply the best we experienced during our time in Brittany. If in Dinan, order a Gallette at the Bords de Rance on the right bank – you can even hire a bike if you’re more adventurous!

As we ate, little ducks swam along and broke the reflection, just adding to the beauty!

Now just one more to highlight that beautiful reflection…

No editing needed – just pure, bright sunlight and pretty colours.

Suffice to say, Dinan is a must if in the area – the whole town feels wonderfully peaceful and welcoming. A little slice of countryside heaven!


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