Coloured Canal

So yesterday we got home from walking a HUGE shopping centre all afternoon before watching a movie and discovering it was 12am so instead of blogging I went straight to sleep. SORRYYYY 😛 Today, I hope I can make up for it with this….Another iconic location I can now tick of my bucket list is Venice, Italy – my parents and youngest brother spent a day of beautiful sunshine wandering the streets and seeing as much as we could during our stay.

venice 4.jpg
Every building had its own unique character and hence every alley was a joy to behold.

It was as charming as all the brochures make it out to be. We were definitely thankful we were there in the supposed “off-season” – it was still hugely crowded! On our walk we went a slightly different route and hence ended up in this very bright little spot.

I was still working out how best to adjust my camera at the time, so the next photos is consequently a little over-exposed, but I LOVED that colourful boat in the corner – it complemented the houses so perfectly.

venice 3.jpg
Venice, you are gorgeous – even with your throngs of people and bustling merchants peddling selfie sticks.

Have a bright day people 😀 Even if the weather isn’t great, you can make it fun somehow! BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAAAAMMMMSSSS!! Well…I think my late nights are getting to me – my sanity is clearly slipping ;P



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