Green, Serene

While in Oxford, my companions and I took a day-trip in our hire-car and ventured to Blenheim Palace. This place was the best example of ingenious garden planning I had yet seen. The grounds were a wonderful example of rolling hills and greenery – typical of English countryside, but a fabrication entirely designed and strategic! Bridges across lakes and walkways just the right level of overgrown made this section of the gardens a must see.

green garden 1.jpg
Our first glimpse of a lake as we took to the grass instead of walking straight up to the Palace. 

Kudos goes to my Dad who had been here before and knew to walk this way – basically, take a right off the main walk up to the official palace building and you’ll hit a patch of what looks to be taller greenery with a set of stairs leading down. What is at the bottom was worth the extra walk.

To the left of this little bit is an extremely charming bridge and overgrown little pier. This view was so deliciously lush though that I had to share it today 😀

Well, that’s it for today – something very different from yesterday’s Venice memories! Have a great day everyone 😉


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