Late Evening Meals

On our European bus tour my family and I arrived in the city of Brussels in the late afternoon and made our way out for an evening walk around the central city. The famous Market Square (click here for a night image of that goodness) was incredible, but what got us was the bustle of all the surrounding side-streets. Warmly lit and vibrant, they really gave the place a very comfortable atmosphere!

city 6.jpg
The only, very minor, downside was the vendors and their  manner of inviting you to eat at their establishment (they’d walk into your path and insist you’d like their food – no really, you would! You’ve eaten? Oh, well eat again!). But hey, THERE WERE PRETTY NEON LIGHTS!

Brussels was a very lively night-spot, so if you are like us in your travels and only spend a very short time there, make sure you visit the city centre in the late afternoon to evening. You’ll catch the last of the good daylight then see the lights all shining later.


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